This week I teamed up with Chef Mikaela Reuben.   We made plant-based Gnocchi using fresh beet juice to give it a vibrant pink color.  This recipe was created to be simple and easy to make.


1 Beet

4 medium sized Russet potatoes

1/4 cup Bob's Gluten free flour blend

2 TBS Extra vIrgin Olive Oil

4 TBS Beet juice

2 TSP Sea salt

1 TSP Black pepper

1 cup Maitake Mushrooms

1 cup Basil leaves

1/2 of a lemon juiced

1/2 cup Pine nuts

4 cloves of Garlic

Arugula ( to be used as base )

Arugula flower ( garnish )

Micro Basil ( garnish )



1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  While the oven is heating sprinkle sea salt on a baking sheet and on top of the potatoes.   Allow 30 - 45 mins for the potato to be fully cooked.

2. Use one beet to make fresh juice with a juicer. If you do not have a juicer use an old fashion blender.  Place shredded beet, add a little water and blend. Once it is blended, strain the beet pulp with a cheesecloth or strainer.  You want use just the liquid. Set aside.

3.  To make the pesto use a small blender or a small food processor.  Start with 1/2 cup pine nuts, then add 1 cup basil leaves, 1 tbs olive oil, 1 tsp sea salt, 1/2 tsp black pepper, 1 clove of garlic.  Blend well.  If you want the pesto to be a slightly thinner consistency blend with a little water.

4.  Once the potatoes have finished,  set aside, and allow to cool off.

5.  Clean skins off the potatoes. Use a grater or a ricer to break down the potatoes.  

6.  Transfer grated potatoes to a mixing bowl.

7.  With your hands begin working the potatoes, slowly adding in 1/4 cup of gluten free flour. It becomes dough.

8.  Next add 4 tbs of beet juice, 1 tbs olive oil, 1/2 tsp black pepper & 1 tsp sea salt.

9.  Mix the dough well with your hands form a ball. Set aside and cover with a most towel and allow to rest.

10.  Roll out the dough ball and cut into 4 equal pieces. 

11.  Take one of the dough segments,  roll it out to desired thickness and then cut the gnocchi's to proper size ( about the size of your thumb.)

12.  Use a fork, positioned face down and pointing into a surface.  Dust a little flour on the fork.  Using your thumb to roll the gnocchi down the fork to create the lines. This will also create a little indentation from your thumb, this is ideal as it helps hold sauce.

13.  Start pot of boiling water,  once it reaches a boil drop down to medium heat, add gnocchi.  They will float to the top once they are cooked.

14. Use a strainer and a big spoon to pull out the cooked gnocchi, transfer to a plate.  Make sure the gnocchi is not stacked on top of each other.  They are still a little tender so handle with care.

15.  Mince 3 cloves of Garlic, set aside.

16. Heat up two pans. Add a little olive oil to each.  Transfer the cooked gnocchi to one pan.  Be careful with the gnocchi they will still have a water on them and may react with the hot oil in the pan.  Cook at medium high heat, searing both sides of the gnocchi.

17.  In the second pan add the maitake mushrooms.  Toss and add more oil if necessary.  Cook at medium heat.  

17.  Add the minced garlic to the pan with maitake mushrooms.  Mix well and keep an eye on the garlic so it does not burn. Add salt and pepper to taste. 

17.  Place a bed of arugula on a plate.  Transfer the pan seared Gnocchi's on top of the arugula.  Use a spoon to apply the pesto.  Add the maitake mushrooms & garlic.  Finish off with the arugula flower and basil garnish.